Welcome to the homepage of Empire Dental Clinic

Since the inception of our practice in 1964, Empire Dental Clinic has been providing private practice by advance reservation only. That two doctors on duty in the clinic speak English promises foreigners will feel relieved to visit and communicate us.
*Approaches we take in our practice can be viewed by putting the mouse on the above image.

To make you feel comfortable

Not only the doctors but also the collective staff members will make every attempt to make your time in our practice as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Not to mention that we never fail to put your name to your face, we are also fully informed on your background as well as circumstances and take care to fix your visit appointment in the manner that the visit may not be burdensome to you, with a special attention to each of you.

Do you have any concerns about your treatment?

Keeping tabs on the patients' condition is vital not only to the doctors but also to our assisting staffs. We are working in a thorough four-hand system in which one doctor and one assisting staff will take charge of one patient. You can entrust yourself to our care with a constant attention to your conditions.

We are eager to listen to you

Our practice is based on a premise of helping you maintain the ability to chew with your own teeth in your whole life and making you healthy. We will ask you about your lifestyle habits, etc. in our consultations to make it clear what to do in order to avoid the recurrence of the same symptom immediately after the completion of treatment and conserve your natural teeth.

Secure Treatment

Dental manipulation such as drilling the tooth surface by a micromillimeter and removing bacteria from the tooth�スE�スfs nerve tissues requires precision and accuracy. In our practice, all treatment is given using microscope which displays a maximum 24-fold magnified oral image and therefore allows for a more accurate treatment compared with that with the naked eye.